Our Impact Stories

Our 10 month old Lake Island

Our 10 month old Lake IslandWitnessing the growth of a forest brings immeasurable joy. Our 10-month-old lake island is a testament to this happiness, as it flourishes with vibrant greenery and thriving life.Heading the team at Mega Foundations

Lake restored provides water in a arid region

Lake restored provides water in an arid regionWe take great pride in our successful restoration of this lake, which has maintained a consistently high-water level throughout the years. Remarkably, the lake remains full even during the typical arid months. This is a...

Lake restored in Kitui, Kenya

Lake restored in Kitui, KenyaWe are delighted to witness the successful recharge of the lake in Kitui, Kenya. This significant accomplishment marks the first-ever water conservation initiative in the region, bringing a sense of wonder and excitement. The...