About Us

Mega Foundations is a non-profit organization that works to mitigate the effects of climate change, reforesting degraded land and repairing damaged water bodies. Our goal is to create a more secure and prosperous future for the people of India by putting an end to India’s water crisis.

Our mission

In collaboration with both public and private sector organisations, we aim for a water-rich India

Our vision

All our programs are addressed to end water crisis in rural areas. Our work focuses on to improve ground water level, restore dead water bodies, improve green cover, prevent flooding, access to water for humans, cattles and birds, to create awareness among masses and to improve the ecosystem of the region.

Our story

 MEGA Foundations, founded by environmental activist Nimal Raghavan, is an NGO dedicated to protecting and restoring ecosystems through the implementation of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) that effectively address climate change-related changes while also ensuring human well-being, ecological balance, and biodiversity benefits.

How we started

Our Director

Nimal Raghavan, founded Mega Foundations in 2019. He’s an Engineer turned organic farmer and a social activist. Nimal was born in an agricultural family, in Nadiyam village close to Thanjavur district in Tamil Nadu. After witnessing the devastating aftermath of the Gaja cyclone in his hometown at the age of 31, he made the decision to leave his job in Dubai and return to Nadiyam, dedicating himself to the betterment of his homeland. Nimal’s unwavering commitment to water conservation has resulted in the restoration of 180 water bodies, the establishment of 500+ Miyawaki forests, and the planting of 1.7 million saplings by 2023. Through the implementation of modern techniques, he ensures the long-term sustainability of these initiatives while also enlightening beneficiaries on the importance of maintaining cleanliness in revitalized water bodies.


Won Better India's Water Warrior Award

Restored 180 water bodies

who we are

Our Team


Program Manager

With over a decade of experience, Sujitha is well-versed in managing operations and fundraising for non-profit organizations. Her contribution to various development sectors showcases her expertise. Furthermore, her involvement in afforestation since school days has made a substantial impact on the environment.


Recognised by the Indian Government

Media Recognition