How To Restore Our Water Bodies?

Water is life, Water is everyone’s right. Unsustainable water management practices have adversely impacted the ecosystem in rural India. Deforestation, intensive agriculture, overgrazing and over-extraction of groundwater are threatening agriculture, leading to the loss of biodiversity and the ecosystem and extreme water scarcity, thus making it miserable for people who rely on natural water resources for their sustenance.

MEGA Foundations has been working to resolve the water crisis in rural areas by adopting a holistic, community-led and participative approach by restoring one water body at a time. We believe everyone, everywhere, should have access to clean natural usable water. We give our everything every day to change this because we believe water can change everything.

All our approaches have two focal points one is to support marginalised people across India through community-led development; and the second is to focus on sustainability and quality, ensuring a consistent water supply for decades to come.


All our water body restoration projects are rooted in community-led development, as local ownership is vital to the sustainability of our projects. We work together with the government, panchayat leaders, local partners and beneficiaries from the initial proposal through to the project’s completion. Each project establishes community-based structures for the maintenance and management of the water bodies we restore. This approach maintains the dignity of the local community, and ensures their investment, increasing a project’s longevity and securing its success. We take into account local water availability, geography, infrastructure, economic conditions and culture.


Our projects and solutions are sustainable that are designed and developed to last, for maximum benefit to the communities they serve. Our approach ensures community ownership, which is key to a project’s sustainability.


We ensure that all of our projects make a lasting, positive impact on the lives of the poorest communities across India, and to transform their lives. We aim to monitor our projects for a minimum of 7 years after completion to ensure this. We can clearly demonstrate our impact and report back to each project’s funding partner to demonstrate the difference their support has made.

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